Born in Borneo, crafted for pleasure, unapologetically convenient

Atap beverage products draw from a long heritage of coffee-and-chocolate appreciation on the Borneo Island. We are deeply attached to the charmed Bornean life that is defined by prosperity, unspoilt nature and coffee society.

At the heart of Atap products is the golden tandem of quality, convenience and taste. Each product is brought to life to solve a real need. The Atap Coffeebag, our first brainchild, for example, was born out of our desire to have authentic good coffee on the go.

Christinen creates a range of top-quality beverages, including some of the purest mineral water in the world. A family-owned company with 120 years of history, these days it employs more than 200 people. Its waters, which come with ultra-low levels of sodium and nitrate and nitrites, are bottled at the Hoher Fläming nature reserve in Bradenburg, Germany where sand, clay, gravel and rocks filter the water for maximum purity and add valuable minerals along the way. Demonstrating their purity its products include Baby Water and Baby Teas, safe for even the youngest to drink, as well as sports drinks and healthy fruit soft drinks sweetened with setvia.

Since its establishment in 1961, Yamatou Co., Ltd. has continuously refining the beans and nuts snacks category. Hokkaido based, Yamatou has its mission in creating original tastes while constantly reviving its technology.

Yamatou prides on delivering healthy good snacks for its consumers.

What's important to Yamatou is not only its commitment to quality, but also its pursuit of joy and excitement in every bean and nut that leaves the House of Yamatou.

Australia's favourite baked pita breads, Ricci's Bikkies, are now available on a refined supermarket shelf near you in Malaysia!

'Bikkie' is the Australian slang for biscuit.

These healthy delicious crisp breads are baked according to an old-fashioned family recipe by Ricci and her husband Ross. Together with their small dedicated team based in Yarra Valley, Victoria, Husband and Wife continue to delight Australian foodies with consummate flavour combos, such as Garlic, Olive and Parmesan.

All of the 6 tantalising flavours of bikkies are now available in Malaysia.

All the way from central Taiwan, daebeté offers the tea connoisseurs pure tea products that respect the environment and embody goodness of traditional Chinese tea culture.

The name 'dabeté' means tea leaves in Taiwanese. Much care is gone into sustainable plantation practices, ensuring no chemical fertilisers are used in the extensive line of daebeté tea products.

Apart from the traditional tea blends such as the green tea, the green oolong and the dark oolong, their modern floral siblings also have proven popular, such as the oriental beauty tea and the ginger lily oolong tea.

Available in 12 flavours.

The tea at Or Tea simply see themselves as missionaries. Their role is to bring people the best teas from around the world, groom them in the fashion of contemporary arts, get more attention from even non-tea drinkers, and hope that more people would make this legendary drink their daily choice.

But don't be fooled by the cute vibrant designs of the Or Tea products, as they're nonetheless serious about the substance and flavours. The team in Hong Kong and Belgium ensure their international outlook and industry savoir-faire bear fruits to best teas artfully blended and beautifully crafted.

A large part of the the Or Tea products are organic.

Available in 16 flavours.

Being Italian, Sabatino is as serious about truffles as Italy is about its soccer. For over 100 years, the Sabatino business have been improving a rigorous philosophy developed by founders Sabatino and Giuseppina.

Their truffle experts follow with extreme attention the the growth of various terroirs, and pride on rigorous selection processes.

The best quality and safety served at the right time. That's the Sabatino truffle promise.

Home Bake
Home Bake believes that baked goods can come in the form of organic, gluten-free and no-added-sugar treats. Its founder, Lisa Chou, drives the company in the belief that no consumers should be deterred from the joy of sweet and healthy treats.

The company is the only food manufacturer in Taiwan that successfully obtained organic certification for its stuffed buns,steamed bread, and radish cakes.

Jen Yuan
Jen Yuan is undoubtedly one of the most time-honoured Taiwanese premium food brands. Founded in 1974, the maison du gourmet specialises in high-end Asian food stuffs ranging from dried abalones, bird's nests, to sea cucumbers.

Jen Yuan looks after the modern consumers with a proudly traditional repertoire of goods. A simple honest approach keeps the best supplier and most discerning customers coming back.